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Drywall Repairs in Round Rock

Welcome To Kolor Pros, Your Premier Sheetrock Repair Company In Round Rock

Fixing your badly damaged drywall or sheetrock doesn’t have to be a hassle when you choose to work with a professional painting contractor like us. With more than 30 years of combined experience in the painting industry, we have all the expertise in the world to execute any drywall installation or repair job beyond your expectations. 

At Kolor Pros, we understand how important your drywall is in partitioning your home or commercial space or maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your ceiling. That’s why we seek to provide high-quality, dependable and affordable sheetrock repair services that will not only improve the functionality but also extend the lifespan of your drywall. 


Our Drywall Repair Services Defined

Kolor Pros specializes in providing all types of expert sheetrock repair and texture matching services to residents of Round Rock and its surrounding areas. If your drywall has dents or holes or has been affected by water rot resulting from rainfall or humidity, our experts can restore the affected area or make the necessary replacements. 

For textured drywalls, our experts will first work on filling in or repairing the affected area(s), after which they’ll apply drywall spray on the smooth patch. The texture will be allowed to dry and then a primer and one or two coats of paint subsequently applied later. The result will be a seamlessly beautiful drywall ceiling or wall.


Why Hiring a Professional Is Better Than DIY


For a small crack, hole or rot on the drywall, it might be tempting to go the Do-It-Yourself way. But small as the damage might be, repairing isn’t as simple and straightforward as most online videos make it appear. Chances are, if you do the repair job by yourself, you’ll end up doing a shoddy job or damage the drywall, even more, something that may cost you more a lot later in terms of professional repairs. 

But an experienced professional drywall repairer like us has all the required expertise, tools and materials to execute any drywall repair job with precision. That means any pro repairs you do will be of the highest quality and will last long enough to give you value for money. So why go through a hassle while you can have the experts conveniently take care of the job?


Why Choose Us?


First of all, Kolor Pros is an Austin, TX locally owned and operated painting company, which means we are a reliable choice when you call on us for drywall repairs. Second, we are fully licensed, bonded and insured, giving you even more assurance on the quality of services we offer.

Other reasons that make one of the best drywall contractors in Round Rock and the larger Austin area include:

  • Our drywall installation and repair services are competitively priced

  • We execute every project with superior workmanship

  • Our turnaround time on all drywall projects is reasonably fast 

  • We handle all types of drywall repair jobs, whether big or small

  • We provide FREE estimates to our customers

Get in touch with us today!

If you are looking for high-quality and dependable drywall installation and repair services in Round Rock, we can help. It doesn’t really matter where you are located.

Simply call us on 512-677-2397 or send us an email to request for a free estimate or inquire more about our drywall and painting services.

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