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4 Useful Tips for Commercial Interior Painting Tasks in Round Rock

Interior painting seems to be intuitive, but it is not actually. Starting in kindergarten or primary school with finger-painting, everyone is familiar with the processes of applying paint and color to flat surfaces. But a truly professional paint job can be a completely different matter. Below are a few useful tips that can make your residential and commercial interior painting tasks go smoother and faster, with a more attractive, cleaner look.


1. Use high-quality brushes and roller covers


Low-quality, cheap roller covers would leave lint and fuzz on the wall, which eventually causes bumpy spots. Similarly, inferior-quality brushes can result in streaky brush marks that can be difficult to repair. Thus, it is better to buy high-quality tools to save time and money in the long run. Some DIY painters often purchase inexpensive, cheap chip brushes. However, these units are only designed for use with solvents, adhesives, and glues rather than paint.


2. Cover clean areas with masking film


Masking film is a secret option that many professional painters often use. It is simply is a thin sheet made of plastic that is available either in squares or rolls. With its thinness, masking film can be effective in covering furniture without moving during the process. All you need to do is to place it near the edges of the painted surfaces. There is no need for taping it down. The unit can be held in place by static electricity.


3. Clean the surfaces with a tack cloth


A tack cloth can be a very inexpensive tool that would help you clean the surfaces before staining or painting for perfect results. It can pull off wood shavings, sawdust, and other pieces of debris from your working areas. Thus, you can skip using a wet cloth and save your time. If you don’t have a tack cloth, consider using a damp cloth instead, but keep in mind to squeeze it out carefully beforehand. Avoid using a tack cloth for a large surface. It is more suitable for cabinets, doors, and trim than for ceilings and walls.


4. Use duct tape to test for loose paint


Can the existing painted surfaces take new layers of paint and last for years? While it is not possible to answer this question now, you would test it with duct tape. Just place a strip on the tested surface and rip off. If you notice paint flakes larger than microscopic sizes, then it is better to scrape and sand again.



With these helpful tips, your painting projects will go faster and smoother while still ensuring a professional-looking finish. But you have never done these tasks before, then it might be better to hire some experienced commercial painters in Austin.


No matter if you are looking for home or office painting services in Round Rock, Kolor Pros is the best choice for you. We specialize in a variety of tasks, from exterior painting and interior painting to drywall repairs and color consultations. Call us now at 512-677-2397 to get free estimates of all painting services.

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