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Painting Services

Kitchen Painting Services in Round Rock

Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Your home's heart is the kitchen.

Are you updating your kitchen? Should that be the case, Kolor Pros Painters can help with kitchen painting services for painting cabinets, walls, and ceilings in your kitchen. Kitchens provide a gathering place for friends and family.

Any kitchen can benefit from the simplest changes, such as painting. By simply applying a fresh coat of paint to your kitchen, you can save thousands of dollars in renovating costs. No matter what size, type, or age of kitchen you have, painting is a budget-friendly home improvement project you can afford.

Painting Ideas From Kolor Pros


Are you looking for some painting ideas for your kitchen? If you're looking for inspiration on new kitchen cabinets, consider the following:

Glass Doors: You can showcase a range of colors on your kitchen cabinets with glass doors. If you have glass doors we paint the inside of the cabinets can be painted a light blue and the exterior white. With the cabinet glass being transparent, you can enjoy both shades.

Changing Simple Colors: Modernizing dated colors with a simple color change can truly bring life to any kitchen.

Freshen up existing colors: What color scheme do you like the most? Some cabinets can be turned into new ones with just a fresh coat of paint.

In the kitchen, a little paint goes a long way. If you hire Kolor Pros Painting then you’ll be able to complete your dream kitchen without spending a small fortune.

Do I Need To Prepare Your Kitchen Walls For Painting?

Before painting, you should clean the walls with mild soap and water IF you have unusual circumstances, such as excessive dust or liquid stains on walls and trim work. Despite the fact that modern paints are so good that they bond well to virtually any surface, they stick best to clean, smooth surfaces.


Instructions on how to clean walls with soap and water.

The wall should be cleaned with detergent and water if it is visibly dirty from handprints or other grime. The following is a good cleaning routine for walls:

  1. Get Rid of the Big Stuff - With the aid of a broom, clear the cobwebs and dust bunnies from your vicinity.

  2. Clean the Trim and Baseboards - Clean the doors and window trim with a light water mist and baseboards with a dry cloth. Clean these places to help the painter's tape stick. There will be a lot of dust here.

  3. Vacuum - Any floor surfaces near the walls can be vacuumed with the bristle attachment on a shop or home vacuum.

  4. Wipe - Put a few drops of mild detergent and warm water in a bucket, then use a damp (not sopping) sponge to wipe down the surfaces you want to paint.

  5. Rinse - The walls should be rinsed immediately after washing with clean water and a damp sponge.

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