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A new paint color can really bring life to your bedroom!


It is no secret that the bedroom is the place where decorating taste can be most distinctive. It is the first thing you see when you wake up and the last thing you see when you go to sleep.


Bedrooms are one of the most personal parts of a home. The workspace should provide a comfortable and supportive environment in which a person can start and end the day. Make it your top priority to paint your master bedroom!

Any bedroom can be transformed into a tranquil space by Kolor Pros Painters. The reputation of our name and brand is reliant on the quality of the painting projects delivered by our professionals.

Why Choose Kolor Pros Painters?


We help you develop a design, offer fresh new ideas, investigate options for doors and trim, and explain paint considerations and paint colors. You can keep yourself relaxed and start enjoying a relaxing bedroom by hiring us.

We have color resources that can help you choose the perfect shade for your personal space. Here are some tips for getting your creative process going that Kolor Pros Painters in Austin and Round Rock thinks will help get you there.

  • When adjacent rooms share the same colors, the atmosphere feels open and cohesive.

  • When paired with a light color, a deep hue for an older room that has a low ceiling throws height to the room.

  • Inexpensive ways to make your bedroom stand out are to paint walls in bold colors.


Kolor Pros Painters offers the following bedroom painting process:

Installation - Cleaning and protective sheeting of items are used, along with drop cloths on all floors.

Preparation - As you specify, we fill holes and cracks in the ceiling and the walls; waterproof stains are sealed; and we sand scuffed surfaces to give them a nice shine.

Painting - For a uniform finish, primed areas get painted with premium quality paint.

Cleaning - We treat your home as if it were our own, with the utmost care and respect. Therefore, after we are finished, we pay close attention to cleaning the work area thoroughly.

Inspection - You will have the opportunity to review our work after our own inspection, so that you may provide any initial feedback.

Are you ready to make your dream bedroom a reality?

Make an appointment now to get a detailed estimate free of charge!

Should I Wash My Walls First?

During the preparation phase of painting the walls, if you want to omit the step of washing the walls, then the surfaces must meet at least most of the following conditions:

  • It does not appear that there is excessive dust present.

  • There are no crayon or grease stains present on the walls

  • In the house, there is no fireplace that burns wood.

  • There is little or no contact between walls and hands.

  • The house is pet-free

  • The room is not used for cooking or bathing (meaning kitchens and bathrooms should always be cleaned before painting).

  • Wash only vertical surfaces (rims, ledges, etc.)


The following spaces qualify as rooms that do not need detergent or TSP active washing:

  • Recently painted living room that does not see much activity

  • A bedroom used primarily by adults, not children

  • Dedicated dining room for dining only, rather than cooking

  • A work environment such as an office

  • With no wood-burning fireplace, a well-maintained family room

  • Restroom used only for toilet activities and washing hands.


Despite their pristine condition, these rooms still require a wipe-down to remove any loose dust.

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