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COMMERCIAL Turn Key Services

We assist Commercial Business Owners with both Interior and Exterior Painting to deliver professional services. No time to manage the project?  Let us handle it for you.

Round Rock Commercial Painting

When the time comes to renovate or refresh commercial premises or when re-branding means your office or factory needs a total color makeover, Round Rock commercial painting provides a full integrated paint service from fast quotes to a spotless clean-up. Our large workforce enables a speedy service delivery from minor works to major projects. Round Rock commercial painting has commercial painting contractors that service Round Rock and surrounding regions with quality workmanship and clear communication every stage of a project.


Looking for a no-fuss Round Rock commercial painting service? We provide commercial painting services for a range of businesses, with professional, high quality finish! There are simply two reasons why you need to have a building or office painted: to either look like new again or to protect what’s already there! Our Round Rock commercial painting contractors have been servicing many reputable projects to create a strong brand image and presence for businesses.


For those companies that do not have time, or knowledge, to manage and control the Project, no worries. We provide:

*The initial inspection of the project needed.

*The written formal Proposal.

*If accepted, the scheduling of the project.

*Ordering of all materials needed as well as ongoing materials needed once in process.

*Foreman assigned to the Project for on site management, in addition to Kolor Pros Painting Owner Management and Guidance.

*Walk Through scheduling when the project has completed to assure no Punch List items remain.

*Sign off through the foreman and manager on site for confirmation all has been completed to satisfaction.

*Completion Pictures, forwarded to designated personnel when completed, to view finished products.

*Invoicing for any down payments, if needed, and/or completion final balance.


*Premium Paint Products:

    Sherwin Williams

    Benjamin Moore


*Quality Professional Painters:

    Over 20+ years required

    Individually Insured

    Professional Preparation and Workmanship


*Quality Care:

    Professional detailed Proposal

    Attention to Detail

    Communication and Care from the          beginning to the end of your project.



*On time, every time.

*Communication throughout the project.

*No babysitting required!

*Proper Preparation and Respect for your property and its staff.

*Workmanship all could be proud of.

*Final Walk-through required before leaving the project to assure no punchlist items pending.


*2 Year Labor Warranty in addition to your paint warranty provided by the supplier.

*10% Discount off of all future projects.

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  • Are you locally owned and operated?
    Yes. Kolor Pros Painting has been painting in the Round Rock area for decades.
  • The last painter we hired would work for a few days, then be gone for a couple days. Always starting and stopping. Will you stay on the job once you begin?"
    Yes. We'll stay with the project and work until your painting is completed.
  • What kind of paint do you use?
    We use top quality paints from most major brands. The brand of paint we use can be influenced by many factors including customer preference, the nature of the project, and other bid specifications.
  • I've had bids before, and I get some prices that are high, low and all over the place. Why?"
    The cost of a job is usually determined by the level of thoroughness, attention to detail and quality desired. For example, it costs more to properly prepare a surface for painting than to give it the "quick once over". We would be happy to review, in detail, our calculations for your project so you can make a fair comparison with other bids.
  • What's the difference between a good paint job and a bad one?
    Preparation, preparation, preparation! Extensive preparation of the surface to be painted is key to a good paint job. It also requires an extensive knowledge of different painting techniques and materials, and the skill and commitment to go with it.
  • When Should I Repaint My House's Exterior?
    Whenever a homeowner notices blistering, peeling, chalking, mold and mildew, or alligatoring, they should schedule an exterior painting consultation with our company. Peeling can begin as a result of inadequate adhesion, blistering, excessive moisture, low-grade paint, or painting over chalky, dirty, or greasy surfaces. Blistering can be caused by heat, excess moisture, thin paint, or improper preparation. During the priming process, paint is thinned out, and chemicals disintegrate, resulting in a fine powdery buildup. Mold and mildew can appear brown, green, black, or gray, and they can accumulate as a result of poor ventilation, low-quality paint, excess moisture, or improper priming. The phenomenon of alligatoring occurs when a second coat of paint is applied over a coat that has not yet dried. Alligatoring can also happen if the second paint coat is incompatible with the first coat, or if it has lost its elasticity. Call Kolor Pros for a competitive and comprehensive quote.
  • Which Ceiling Type Should I Choose After Popcorn Ceiling Removal?
    Homeowners generally don't like popcorn ceilings, so service providers offer popcorn ceiling removal as a way to raise the value of their properties. Rather than removing the popcorn texture from your ceiling, consider painting, beaming, tiling, or coffered finishes instead. If homeowners paint their ceilings in the same colors as their walls, they can make the transition between the two seamless or they can create a visual difference by utilizing different colors. The finish of the ceiling should be metallic or lacquered. Featuring wooden or faux-wood beams, beamed ceilings provide a warm, rustic atmosphere. You can construct a tiled ceiling from wood, Styrofoam, or tin, and acoustic tiles can keep your ceiling's sound-deadening properties. A coffered ceiling can be either thick or thin, depending on the thickness of the beams, which are arranged in a grid pattern. It is possible to have the same color beams and panels, or the beams and panels can be different colors.
  • How Do I Prepare for Interior Painting?
    The work area must be free of all small breakable items, pictures, and personal items including tooth brushes and clothes. If you will need to move furniture during painting, unload china cabinets and book shelves. Prepare the area for painting by removing built-in cabinetry and shelving. Buy samples of about 3 or 4 colors and paint a small area next to the floor or counter tops in each. If you want to paint the entire room, apply two coats of each sample. You can do this to get an inkling of the paint-to-surface color cohesion. The color swatch is printed off of a printing press, and doesn't represent actual paint, so it's important to see a sample of the real thing. When painting, take steps to keep children and animals away from the work area.
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