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Residential Interior Painting in Round Rock

Every homeowner has the responsibility to ensure that their home looks beautiful when complete. A proper paint job is one of the things that every home needs to look good. If you are looking for painters near Austin, you are in luck! At Kolor Pros, we are a professional residential painting company with years of experience painting homes located in Round Rock, TX and surrounding areas. We know everything there is to know about a good paint job which is why we are the only trusted painting company in Round Rock, TX.


Why your home needs a paint job


  1. During constructionIf you are building a home, it can't be complete without a beautiful interior and exterior paint job to make it stand out. We work together with our clients to come up with beautiful paint designs for every room depending on client design preferences.

  2. To update your aestheticsYour home's paint job plays a key role in the overall aesthetics of the house. If you want to breathe new life into your old home's aesthetics, giving it a brand new paint job can do the trick. It makes your home look newer and much better.

  3. To get a better priceIf you plan to sell your home, one of the things that will definitely help drive up the price is a new paint job. Painting your home afresh makes it look newer and more valuable than it really is. Your house will also attract more attention from prospective buyers.


Our services include:


  1. Residential interior painting - The interior painting of a home plays a key role in the aesthetics and general feel of a home. We work with our clients to figure out the best colors for each room to ensure that they achieve the look they want and set the right mood in all the rooms.

  2. Residential exterior paintingYour home's exterior painting is the first thing people see when they are passing near your home and it sets the mood for what they should expect when they come in. You should let Kolor Pros handle your residential painting job to ensure your house looks beautiful even from the outside. We can handle any residential exterior painting project, whether big or small, competently.


Why choose Kolor Pros


When it comes to residential painting, no other company can beat the quality you get from Kolor Pros. We are known for our quality and attention to detail in every painting project we handle in Round Rock, Austin, Pflugerville, and surrounding areas.

We only hire highly trained, qualified, and experienced painters that we are 100% sure can handle any task competently and to perfection. Our employees are trained to be polite and professional when working in order to ensure that you get the highest level of satisfaction.

Our paint jobs are premium quality and will last for many years without fading or peeling off.

If you are in the market for a reliable Austin residential painter, Contact
512-677-2397 for a free estimate on all our painting services.

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