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Residential Exterior Painting in Round Rock

A residential exterior painting is a huge job with great rewards. With little investment in the right tools and materials, you can end up saving thousands of dollars and extend the lifespan of your siding and trim, thereby increasing the value of your property. 


Consider the Weather

  • Try not to paint under direct sunlight. The heat of the sun will dry up the paint too fast, making it impossible to prevent lap marks. It can also cause peeling and blistering.

  • Don’t paint on windy days. The heavy wind can also make the paint to dry faster and blow dirt on the wet paint.

  • If the temperature is below 50 degrees F, don’t apply latex paint.

  • Don’t paint if it’s going to rain.


Best techniques for painting the exterior of homes

  • Use a good strategy: Generally, work from the top down. Focus on the larger areas first, and then the details last. When using two colors, give the first color time to dry up first before applying the second color. 

  • Use a professional: At Kolor Pros, we make use of rollers, brushes or sprayers for applying enough paint to lay the paint without causing runs. While painting, we cover an area big enough to be able to smooth it later on before the paint begins to dry.


Steps to properly paint the exterior of your home

  1. Wash the walls - to ensure all dirt is removed and you cover large areas, properly wash the walls. 

  2. Repair damaged areas on the wall - Properly inspect all the perimeter of the walls and take note of damaged areas such as metal, siding, wood, or stucco. Make use of epoxy filler to fix holes or cracks using a spackle knife. 

  3. Remove previous paint - Once the walls have dried up, remove all loose paint around the perimeter. First, place cloths round the ground and use a paint scraper to remove loose paint.

  4. Protect your windows, doors, and lights - Make use of painter’s tape and plastic sheeting to cover windows, doors, and lighting

  5. Begin painting - Properly mix the paint and begin work. Ensure you work your way from top to bottom in a controlled, smooth manner.

How to get a House Painting Service


All homeowners will like their properties to give a good first impression. The beauty of the house can be enhanced by having a beautiful looking exterior by selecting fresh exterior painters. It can be a hassle getting an Austin house painter since there are several options to choose from. 


Before making your choice, it is important you carry out proper research because painting a house exterior is not same as painting the interior. The job is more challenging and requires skilled professionals. We have trained professionals at Kolor Pros that can get the job done to your maximum satisfaction.

While you can end up spending a lot of money, a job done by our professionals at Kolor Pros could easily end up costing you less, and not compromise on the quality of the job. We invest countless hours to carefully prepare for the job. To get a free estimate on all painting services, contact us on 512-677-397.

Book A Residential Exterior Painter

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