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#1 Painting Service in Austin, TX

If you've been thinking about changing things up for a while, residential interior painting is a great way to do just that. You can add a flair of pop, recreate a dated room, or bring your home together if the current color scheme doesn't work at all. You must hire the right painters near Austin, TX, for the job. Here is where our team of licensed, bonded, and insured painters and remodeling contractors at Kolor Pros Painting can help.


Austin Interior Painting


We specialize in residential painting, general remodeling, and cleanup services for our local customers in Austin, Round Rock, and nearby cities. If you are thinking about painting your home or business, we're the local specialists to call. We'll begin with a color consultation. We can discuss your favorite colors, design ideas you have in mind, and find which colors will/won't work together. We can provide these ideas based upon your current decor, new furniture you want to buy, or another remodeling you'd like completed in your home.


Our Home Interior Painting Service Include:


  • Residential interior painting in all, one, or several rooms in the home.

  • Custom mixing and blending to create the perfect color for different areas of your home.

  • Repairing drywall, stucco, concrete, sheetrock, or damaged wood, before painting

  • Priming the surfaces, we're going to paint and sanding them to ensure the paint looks clean/neat when we're finished.

  • Applying a base coat and final coat (three layers for some rooms) to achieve the perfect color.

  • Applying a protective coat over the paint to prevent chipping, cracking, scraping, or discoloration over time.


We won't paint a wall or surface that isn't ready to be painted. We take all necessary precautions and steps to make sure the interior surfaces we're painting will retain the color well when we're finished.


Austin Exterior Painting


Residential or commercial exterior painting services have to be done properly. Imagine a glossy or satin finish on the stucco exterior. Or, a dark brown finish, with light brown trims, on a home that has a metal roof. Is it going to look that good? No matter what your taste, our team at Kolor Pros Painting offers professional home and commercial painting service and color consultations, so we can perfectly tailor the paint color with your roof, siding, driveway, floral arrangements, and more. 

Residential Exterior Painting

If you can think of a material, finish, or detail work, when it comes to Austin house painters, we're the premier professionals to call! Our team has fully licensed painters and specialists, so we can take on any job, no matter how big it is. If your house requires sanding, leveling work, siding repair, and other damage repairs before painting, we can offer these services. We are a full remodeling services provider, so we'll make sure your home's exterior is level and that we're working on a smooth canvas when we're ready to paint it. 


Home Exterior Painting Services Include:


  • Spraying

  • Roller painting

  • Trimming and detail work

  • Siding, driveways, and entryways

  • Roof painting


We'll also prime and apply weatherproof coatings on the home's exterior to preserve the paint job. We guarantee the paint will not only look good, but also that it won't fade, chip, crack, or peel after we finish painting. And, if you do run into any of these problems, we'll remedy them and make necessary repairs to the surfaces at no additional cost to you. 


Give Us a Call Today


If you need a fresh coat of paint in your home or commercial properties interior or on its exterior, our Austin painter professionals are here to help! Give us a call at 512-677-2397 or email us today so we can schedule a consultation with you. We offer free service quotes for all painting services, so let us assess your home, provide free color consultation, and price quotes for our painting services.

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