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How to Choose The Right Commercial Painting Contractor in Round Rock

Round Rock commercial painting contractor

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Some home improvement projects can be done on your own, while others absolutely require professional services. Many people often consider painting a DIY task as everyone can dab a brush and roll in on the wall. But it is actually more challenging than you think. From choosing primer and tool to applying the pain smoothly, these tasks require a lot of skills and knowledge to ensure smooth and beautiful finishes, especially for commercial exterior painting. Thus, it is better to hire a professional service to save your time and effort.


Read on this guide to learn some useful tips on choosing a contractor for your business painting projects in Round Rock.


What is a painting contractor?


A painting contractor, such as Kolor Pros Painting, is hired directly by the client or works as a sub-contractor for a general contractor. In most cases, painting contractors have moderate size operations. Many painting companies range from 1 painter up to 30 professionals. You can contact Kolor Pros in Round Rock, TX as your professional commercial painting contractor.

How do I find a good painting contractor in Round Rock, TX?


Painting contractors, such as Kolor Pros, are often local. Most companies focus on painting, but many others also perform some associated tasks like wallpapering, drywall work, or plaster repairs. It can be difficult to find information about some local contractors on the internet, so we have compiled an extensive list of services on our website, It's also a good idea to talk with your neighbors and friends. Get referrals from those you know to choose a reliable and trusted service.


Urban regions usually have some local newspapers and magazines which feature renovated houses. These pieces would list the names and numbers of some sub-contractors and contractors in the areas. Kolor Pros Painting has posted photos of previous commercial painting clients.


What does a painting contractor do?


Kolor Pros painting contractor in Round Rock can perform any type of job, from just painting the window trim to covering a full building. But let’s say we're painting your interior. Here are a few tasks to expect:

  • Cover all areas that won’t be painted, such as cabinets, windows, or floors

  • Removal doors, lights, plates, and other items

  • Move furniture to have better access

  • Prime the current paint or new drywall with a latex primer

  • Apply 2 coats of latex paint on your walls

  • Paint the molding and trim

  • Touch up missed spots

  • Clean everything after completing


What questions should I ask my painting contractor?


Unlike discussing with an electrician, you don’t have to know some specialized terms to talk with a painting contractor. We are good at clearing everything for our clients. Here are some topics you might want to know and/or ask:

  • Which kind of paint will the contractor use?

  • Does the estimate include the paint cost?

  • How would the non-paintable spots be covered or protected during the process?

  • How long will the project take?

  • Do you need to vacate the space during the painting process?


No matter if you are looking for home, office, or industrial painting service in Round Rock, Kolor Pros is the best choice for you. We specialize in a variety of tasks, from exterior painting and interior painting to drywall repairs and color consultations. Our team of experienced and dedicated painters will deliver the best results and make you feel satisfied. Call us now at 512-677-2397 to get free estimates on all painting services.

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