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How A Round Rock Painting Company Brought Joy Back From Devastation [Case Study]


The Kruger’s house was a mess. A burst water pipe in their home from the nasty winter storm in February left its mark in several rooms. Water had damaged the sheetrock, ruined the flooring, and soaked some keepsakes. It took weeks for them to get the damage cleaned up. And even once they had the damage cleaned and repaired, the reminder of the devastation remained.

A fresh coat of paint helped one Round Rock family move past the devastation of a terrible storm.

Once insurance had cut them a check to get the damage repaired, they started scheduling the crews to come to fix the damage. First, the clean-up crew arrived, assessed the damage, and tore out the mildewing and molding flooring and sheetrock. Then the flooring company arrived and replaced the floors. Then the contractor arrived to replace the sheetrock.

But the reminders of the damage remained. The Krugers needed some color on those walls. So they called Kolor Pros Painting.

Kolor Pros Painting was happy to help. They discussed the different options they had that would fit the remainder of their budget. The Kruger’s wanted to put the past behind them and go with something fresh and new and Kolor Pros was happy to help.

The Kolor Pros Painting design team worked with the Krugers to find the perfect color palette for their home. Once the colors had been chosen, the crew was ready to go to work on transforming their home. Kolor Pros Painting got to work on turning their blank canvas walls into a bright, joyful home once again.

The crew worked quickly and diligently. The Krugers remarked at how polite and respectful the crew was with their home. Knowing what the family had just gone through, the crew paid extra care to make sure that their home was well taken care of.

...we were distraught with the extent of the water damage, so painting wasn't even on our minds. But we knew that would be a part of the process. Katheleen was so helpful in removing a lot of that stress after the walls were repaired...

The color brought the warmth and happiness that once thrived in the home, back into the house. The Kruger’s had a fresh coat of paint and a fresh look on life.

Though the damage to their home caused tremendous stress on the family, once Kolor Pros Painting had put the last coat on the walls, the visible reminders of what the Krugers had gone through had vanished. The damaged floors and walls were now a thing of the past.

Today, the Krugers have moved past the stress caused by the winter storm of February 2021. Though they cannot replace the keepsakes lost, they are happy now to have a home that they are happy in once again. And Kolor Pros Painting was more than happy to help.

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