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5 Helpful Tips for Cabinet Painting in Round Rock

There is no more cost-effective or easier way to upgrade your kitchen by giving the cabinet a fresh layer of paint. With a good idea and carefully planning, you can liven up your outdated or old furniture without spending too much on a complete renovation. However, there are many things to do during this process, from choosing a suitable paint to cleaning the surface. Read on to learn some useful tips on cabinet painting and resurface in Austin.


1. Use rosin paper to protect countertops

Painting cabinets can be messy. And the last thing you want is spreading paint all over the countertops. A simple way to protect the floor, backlash, and countertops is to use rosin paper to cover these surfaces. A typical roll size would be 35x140 feet in length. When you have completed in the kitchen, there will be a lot of paper left for the next painting projects.


2. Get off the grease

Even when you choose the best paint for your kitchen cabinets, it cannot stick to a greasy surface. Thus, the first important preparation step is to clean with a grease-cutting solution. In most cases, dishwashing liquid would work, but you can use a specialized grease remover to get better results. Read the instructions carefully to mix and scrub your cabinets. Make sure to clean with water and dry them before painting.


3. Don’t skip sanding

You should always sand cabinets before starting the painting process to ensure your new coat of paint would grip well. But you do not have to sand them to bare wood. Instead, you just need to sand lightly with a sanding sponge or 120-grit sandpaper when the cabinets feature a factory finish. If the surfaces are rough due to previous paint jobs, then remove bumps with 100-grit papers and eliminate sanding marks with 120-grit papers.


4. Go for a fast-drying primer

If you want to speed up the process, then go for a fast-drying primer in the first coat. Make sure to read the labels to get information about recoating time and ensure that the prime would be compatible with your chosen paint. Oil-based paint is a popular option, but it can dry slowly. Thus, consider applying an enamel underbody primer to save your time.


5. Wipe the edges

It is easy to use too much paint or have a buildup on the edge when you paint the edges of the cabinet doors. To avoid this, make sure to smooth out paint that is lapped on the adjoining surface. This can be done easily with a sponge brush or paintbrush. Wiping the edges would help you avoid dried ridges of paint alongside the door edge.

The bottom line

Painting your home cabinets is a complicated and lengthy process that requires a lot of patience and skills. Thus, if you aren’t experienced with these tasks, it is better to have them done by a professional service.

Whether you are looking for cabinet painting for your kitchen renovation in Round Rock or cabinet resurface to bring a new look to your space. Kolor Pros is the best choice for you. We specialize in a variety of tasks, from exterior painting and interior painting to drywall repairs and color consultations. Our team of experienced and dedicated painters will deliver the best results and make you feel satisfied. Call us now at 512-677-2397 to get free estimates for all painting services.

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